About Joel

I started out as a birthday clown.

Life got even more fun after that.

After nearly a quarter-decade in technology, communications, and marketing, I’ve got a few stories to share over a glass of Writer’s Tears (it’s a real thing). But I’m much more interested in telling other people’s stories.

I’ve worked on the buy side, sell side of tech and for agencies and as an in-house product marketer. The most important part of a sales relationship has always been empathy and understanding of human motivations. Technology comes secondary.

If you can tell a consistent and compelling story, supported by the right amount of credibility, you can persuade your audience to make the moves that you want — which should be in their best interests.

Let’s work together to find that messaging and set your brand up for success.

Before you brand,
have the right message in hand.

Toys & Tech

I’ve always been obsessed with two things — telling stories and playing with technology. From stealing my parents’ tape recorder to record “radio shows” at eight years old or being one of the first people to experiment with “pod casting” (before Apple had even heard of it).

Nickelodeon & NASA

I spent my early years in theater and education, even spending a summer working with producers at Nickelodeon on a stage show. After “accidentally” getting a job testing video games, I made a pivot into tech.

From talking users through navigating their computers to troubleshooting systems at NASA, I developed a knack for humanizing technology for its users.

Government, Cyber, & Startups

I served seven years as a Cyber Communicator for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s CISO and CIO and left the stability behind for an early-stage cybersecurity startup. It was there I discovered my passion for technical gamification and helping startups nail their messaging.

Still Playing Games & Telling Stories

I now help highly technical organizations with complicated stories articulate their messages from a human perspective and build messaging that sticks and scales. This also includes developing strategies for digital marketing — and the occasional card game — that are the right fit for their size and markets.

The Many Faces of Joel