Work with Joel

Message Workshops

Need to refine or help your message stand out in the market? Don’t change what you’re saying, just change how and make it truly ownable.

Brand Strategy

You have to fit in before you can stand out, especially when you’re innovating. Finding the balance takes deliberation and decision. Facilitated discovery sessions can make that easier.

Product Marketing

Are you confusing your buyers with too many capabilities or features? Let’s develop a straightforward framework for your products and solutions.

Content Development

Turn your technical resources into full-blown sales campaigns that convert, based on the right messaging and strategy, to save your team hassle and headaches.


(My Favorite)

Sometimes, the best way to deliver a technical concept is by breaking it down and delivering it in a more engaging package. I have designed games that explain everything from industry-leading cyber risk models to self-defending swarm AIs (really).


Streamline your technical presentation into message delivery machines that get noticed, get remembered, and get results with review and recommendations from a seasoned speaker.

Let’s do something cool together!